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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Viewers Experience '..Women with babies being there for a couple of months...'

Name: "Sonne"
Country: Germany

Hi, I had a very unpleasant experience last week. I live in Dubai since 5 years and come originally from Germany In 2005 I have opened a company LLC in Dubai with a friend of mine being my locals sponsor. In 2006 I decided to exchange my sponsor against another one, taking another real local sponsor and partner. He has promised me the moon but nothing ever happened.

I finally complained in October 2008 to the Ministry of labor, the economic department, the court. I want to close the company since he never even issued the labor card. I gave up my dream.

In May 2008 I was directed to the Emigration in order to cancel my visa. I have an investor visa, but you still need an non objection letter of your sponsor. He did not give me the letter, so my visa is expired and will not be deleted from the system until you delete it. So I can not search for a job, because my visa needs to transferred.

After complaining to the Emigration, my sponsor took guaranty checks issue to his other company and let them bounce in the bank. I was traveling and they picked me up upon arrival. I spend good 5 hours until they decided to take me to the jail. Since it was Friday night, nobody was available to take up the decision. I had nothing with me. Only what I was wearing and some money.

Saturday, my life partner started to call different people, and apparently he had complained to a high person in jail, so no decision was there. My life partner tried to bring me fresh cloths and a towel. The captain of this station said simply no. I was lucky to get out Sunday morning on a bail, because of a lot of good friends.

NOW: Its not all about me

What I have seen was unbelievable

Women with babies being there for a couple of months with 1 or 2 hearings and no result. People are inside for minor cases, check cases and not having paid their invoices. The conditions inside are worst than in a labor camp.

The rooms are small with 7 beds inside. Its dirty and unhygienic. I mean if it’s a 3rd world country I do understand but not for Dubai. I will never forget those ladies and I want to help. Everybody have the right to get a follow up on his case right. No matter what. I don’t believe in the uae system any longer.




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