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Sunday, 17 April 2011


A BRITISH holidaymaker in a Dubai jail told ­fellow prisoners: “I’m going to die in here.” ­Seconds later Lee Brown was dragged out of his cell and beaten to death by guards.
The 39-year-old tourist was battered for two days by men who ignored his pleas for mercy, prison sources have revealed.
Yesterday more horrifying details began to emerge of Lee’s treatment at the notorious Bur Dubai detention centre. The jail, cynically dubbed the Dubai Hilton by inmates, is a warren of filthy, cockroach-infested corridors filled with hundreds of prisoners who have no proper toilets or showers.
Prisoners can be held for months without being charged with a crime and guards are said to ­torture confessions out of them.
Witnesses say slightly built Lee was hurled on to a dirty concrete floor by a burly policeman. They claim the officer then pressed his knee against Lee’s back to pin him to the ground before raining punches down on him.
The brutal attack was said to have been captured on a security camera in the corner of the cell but the footage may have been erased.
Lee, from Ilford, Essex, died on Tuesday after being arrested following a row with a hotel chambermaid.
Dubai officials insist he choked on his vomit and had no marks on his body. His family and fellow inmates believe the police are ­trying to cover up his death.
A relative of another prisoner at Bur Dubai told the Sunday Express: “The place is an absolute hell-hole where the inmates are treated like rats. Lee was beaten terribly, he was handcuffed far too tightly around the wrists and was flung on to the concrete floor.
“One of his guards then knelt down and lodged his kneecap against Lee’s back to keep on the ground. He then just started punching him in the face repeatedly leaving him dripping with blood. Lee just kept crying out ‘Help me, help me’ but there was nothing anybody could do because there were too many guards.
“I think he resigned himself to his fate because apparently he fell to his knees after being beaten and said, ‘I’m going to die in here’.
“Soon afterwards four inmates were made to drag him away to solitary confinement .
“I did hear Lee was also strapped to the wall by his wrists and ankles and just left to hang for hours. ”
Lee, a self-employed maintenance worker, went to Dubai for a last-minute holiday. He was arrested on April 6 after police were called to his suite at the exclusive Burj al Arab hotel.
According to a jail source, Lee was initially warned not to be so “jolly” around the guards because it would antagonise them. Other westerners, including four Britons still being held, told him to stay quiet and keep his head down.
On Friday the British Government ruled out an independent investigation into Lee’s death. His family, including his mother Doris Shafi, 69, are consulting lawyers. Sister-in-law Susanne Gibbons, 40, said: “We are determined to get answers and justice for Lee.”
Last night a London businessman imprisoned at Bur Dubai described how torture there is rife.
The man, who does not want to be identified, said: “An Indian guy was taken into a cell and Tasered for three hours.
“When he came out he lifted up his shirt and he had puncture marks from the Taser all over his chest and back. A Nigerian was hauled out of his cell and battered for hours on end. You could hear his screams echoing round the prison.”



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